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Pretty Ogr goes to the countryside - new address

In the middle of July, Pretty Ogr moved from the city to the rural Uppland, northeast of Stockholm. The new address is: Hastskovagen 12, 793 46 Balsta (Hästskovägen 12, 746 93 Bålsta).

New - Spring cleaning 25 % dicount

Starting off the new year we offer you a 25 % discount on selected necklaces and on elastic bracelaces for a limited time. Normally, Pretty Ogr don't do sales because our jewellry line is timeless. But over the years, our stock have grown, hence the discount on selected jewellry. Due to the discount we don't offer free alterations in these selected jerwellry, they come as they are. Hurry up - don't miss out!

A new exciting year lays ahead

Soon a the beginning of the new years activities starts. What 2016 will bring us nobody knows but you can be sure that new plans and ideas are taking shape at Pretty Ogr. The new eXclusive range of delicate jewellry will continue and there is a lot of new hand cut gemstone beads on the way; Azurite, Peridot, Tanzanite, Iolite, Ruby and Emerald. It's a big leap from the recent trends.

This doesn't mean that all other designs will disappear, it will only get a new twist; The range of lovely eXclusive cable Preciosa bead necklaces will continue. The chunkier gemstone bead necklaces will get a diffrent design with mixed colours and gemstones, and there is still som jewellry left with hanging gemstone drops. We think the new designs will be more exciting and we do hope that you will like them.

We wish all our friends, old customers as well as new, and all our visitors on this website a

very Happy New Year of 2016.

Fashion and enviroment

For some period we have been looking around the world for inspiration to new designs. But we didn't descover any news anywhere, except for the Tridacna pearl that we found popular among our US suppliers. Pearls made of the oyster shell, Mother of pearl/MOP, has been around for a long time, but these pearls had a special appealing luster. We have seen these type of pearl earlier but then in old jewellry that our customer brought to us for repair.

Since we at Pretty Ogr always give our buyers a bit of information about all beads and pearls we use we made a Internet search for Tridacna. It turned out to be a giant oyster, living on the coral reefs, wich made us causious: But, while the wild Tridacna oyster is endangoured, the farming industry of Tridacna oyster is profitable in poor contries. The meat is welcome food and the pearl industry a good income so how shal we act? How can we be shure that the pearls we buy come from oyster farming? Sometimes we wish for ICE branding also for the jewellry market but that probably will take som time...

Quality before quantity

Sometimes occasional customers asks us about a special type of jewellry that is very fashionable at the moment. Earlier we complied and ordered some from a provider but discovred that these items didn't sell. So, now Pretty Ogr choses out own path and make the jewellry we like and notyiced that it also was apriciated among our customers - the ones that returns again and again. Therefore our jewellry often only comes as one piece, qualit before quantity. And the truth is, its much more fun to own that unique piece that stands through fashion changes.

But we still listen to our customers; We value our customers highly and are rewarded with confidence from our customers; A uniqe gift to the best friend; A matching necklace to the party dress; A custom made ring; Recycling of old jewellry etc. This is what we call custom relations!

At last - the Pretty Ogr english website!

It took us a while, but now it is finally up and running, the Pretty Ogr english website. Here you can find almost all jewellry and findings from the swedish site, and to the same favourable prices. 

Visit us in Spånga

If you live in the Stockholm area in Sweden, you are welcome to us at Skogängsvägen 59 in Spånga. We reside in the Erikshjälpen café Vallmo on saturdays between 10 and 15.00 hours.


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