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Are You looking for a uniqe present? At Pretty Ogr You will find gorgeous, handmade jewellry  designed and crafted in Sweden. Sometimes You also can find some jewellry  from others, like silver chains or fashion jewellry .

About Pretty Ogr

Pretty Ogr started in the beginning of 2011 at My aim is to make jewellry  that You love and that makes You feel speciel.

No jewellry  contains harmful materials, exployts people or put them in harms way. All items are handmade by me with my own design. Sometimes I have been inspired by someone else but if I reinvent someone else's design I will give credit.
I like natural materials and preferebly uses Sterling silver, semi precious stones and natural stones but some times I also use other metals as niobium or 14 kt filled gold and precious stones.

Behind Pretty Ogr

I have created jewellry for quite some time now; It started making my own jewellry using materials aviable in Sweden. From stringing beads, my hobby grew and people wanted to buy my jewellry. I went from pearls and beads to silversmithing, took some classes, came in contact with chain maille and got hooked on metals. My latest skill is bead stich so now I have quite a repertoire.

Sometimes I also stock jewellry made by other manufacturer, like thin silver chains, faceted gemstone rings made in one piece etc. I appreciate idéas from my customers so you are welcome to make suggestions.

I also provide work shops and courses in jewellry making, and I'm happy to visit you and your friends for a special jewellry party (only in the Stockholm area).

I'm open to commission invitations.

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All orders are shipped by post within 1 to 3 business days after recieved payment, packed accordingly to protect your item from damages.

You will find more information about orders and deliveries at Policies.

+46 070 654 41 68 (cell)
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Fågelsången 2 B 1202, SE-17232 Sundbyberg, Sweden
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