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At the top: Tourmaline, Peridot and Multigem,

second row: Welo Opal, Prasolite


Delicate necklaces

with hand cut gemstone beads

During the last couple of years, neclaces have become more and more heavy. At the same time, not much have happend designwise. Eventually we at Pretty Ogr grew tired of the lack of new trend and made our own; Lovely, delicate necklaces made of the best hand cut gem and gemstone mixed beads we could find. The single row mecklases is also avaiable in Ruby, black Spinel and Fire Opal.


Lenght: Ca 40 -45 cm


In stock:  1 of each

Price:     378,00 SEK


Choose gemstone

Multigem or multistone is a common expression for a gemstone blend of different quartzes/clear rocks. The usual content is Aquamarien, Amethyst, Citrine and Peridote but Rose quartz, Prehnite, Smokey quarts and Rutile quarts could also be in the mix.
The source for this gemstone mix is thought to be the Chakra doctrine, that now and then have been popular in jewellry. Chakra for the Amewthyst is the neck, Citrin is solar plexus and Peridot is chakra for the heart and solar plexus. Apatite, another clear gemstone that can be included in the mix, is the chakra for the whole body.













From the left: Sapphire, Iolite, Emerald,  Sunstone

Below: Apatite, Carnelian and Iolite, Tanzanite




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