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Stiched Tube necklace

with silver pendant

A new exclusive model: Aprox 4 000 small 2 mm Check Preciosa glass beads stiched togerther to a tube. End caps of 925 Sterling silver and two S-hooks as a clasp. Finished off with a silver slide bail, a twisted small s-hook and a pendant of your choishe. You can wear the perl tube as it is or with any pendant you have. Double S-hooks makes it possible to attach a pendant with a hook at each side.


Mesurements: Aprox 40cm x 7,5mm wide, excl. S-hook/hooks, can be lenghten by using both S-hooks, or S-hooks and a chain.


In stock: 1 of each colour/colour combination and 1 of each pendant

Price per set:     75 USD

Choose colour
Choose pendant
Moore colours

Big picture above: Trianle turquoise cab/Witches Brew Black Iris tube necklace

Ovan fiskfjällsjaspis/Evergreen (Emerald), triss-i-hjärter regnbågsmånsten (SÅLD)/Earthtone


Silver pendants

From the left: Eudialyte, Africa; Top row: Rutile quartz SOLD;

Dendrite opal SOLD; Turitella, Africa; Jasper - Birds Eye, Africa;

Second row: Septaria, Africa; Ruby Zoisit, Africa; Jasper - Imperial, Africa as well as the pendants in the pictures above. Always new ones on the way!


Necklace colours

Blue Silver Lined - Champagne Silver Lined SOLD

Turtoise Brown Amber Matte

Evergreen (Emerald) Mix

Appariation Mix SOLD

Witches Brew Black Iris

Earthtone Mix

Straw Gold Silver Lined - Black Diamond Silver Lined
Honey Butter Mix
Prairie Mix


Eggshell (Japanese Toho) - no picture

Turquoise matt - Turquoise (Japanese Toho) - no picture

Rose Garden Pink

Coral Reflections Red SOLD

White Wedding Bridal Pearl

Eggshell (Preciosa)

True Red

'Non Cents' Copper Mix...SOLD - Opaque Dark Bronze (similar)

Each set contents of a tube necklace made of aprox. 4 000, 2mm Czech Preciosa beads, finished with a 925 Sterling silver end cap at each end, two silver S-hook clasp, a glide pendant clasp with a small  and a 925 Sterling silver setted gemstone pendant of your choice.


Picture: Complete set (Gemstone Mix SOLD) with two glide clasp and three pendants of choice, from the left Sugilite (SOLD), Ruby (SOLD) and Rutile quartz (SOLD).


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