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Classics with a twist

Ike and Tina Turner presented the song Proud Mary by explaining that is was a traditional song. But, Tina continued, "we nerver do anything nice and easy...". Well, Pretty Ogr is a bit like that; Everything we do, gets a certain twist, like these classic round beads of traditional gemstones as aquamarine and peridot. But instead of a descrete knot between each bead they've got chips or small spacer beads in a matching - or diviating - colour. Thats how we do it!


Lenght: Aprox 50-55 cm, or as desired


In stock:  1 each of Aquamarine, Phosporite and Onyx,

              Peridote and clear Quartz, Unakite (no pict)


Price:     USD 30




Aquamarine (from Latin: aqua marina, "water of the sea") is a blue or cyan variety of beryl. It occurs at most localities which yield ordinary beryl. The gem-gravel placer deposits of Sri Lanka contain aquamarine. The deep blue version of aquamarine is called maxixe. Maxixe is commonly found in Madagascar. Its colour fades to white when exposed to sunlight or is subjected to heat treatment, though the colour returns with irradiation.
Aquamarine is beside the green emerald the most famous gemstone variety of the mineral beryl; Other variations Heliodor (yellow), Morganite (pink) and Gosherit (white) and Bixbite (red), also called "red emerald"
In the US Aquamarine is found on Mt. Antero, central Colorado and in Big Horn Mountains, near Powder River Pass, Wyoming. In Brazil Aquamarine is mained in Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Bahia and minorly in Rio Grande do Norte. Other mining locations are Colombia, Zambia, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya.
The largest aquamarine of gem quality ever mined was found in Marambaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1910. It weighed over 110 kg with the dimension 48.5 x 42 cm in diameter.
Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and gives you purity, clarity and courage in communication. It helps you express your inner playfulness and creativity.


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