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Tough and yet sweet

This is a unique Pretty Ogr design! Made especially as a friends birthday present. Slighty modified it became one of our most popular necklaces among all our customer, young and old. The round class AAA Akoya saltwater pearl is a classic but the mix with rougher Larvikite or chunky Carneol is hot. A somewhat odd combination you might think, but it appeals to all our aspects; delightful, seductive Madonna as well as down-to-earth, practical human. White Akoya with Carneol or redish orange Topaz, or pink Akoya with Larvikite.


Lenght: Ca 45 cm, or as prefered.


In stock:  Sold out, can be ordered

Price:     USD 45




Akoya saltwater pearls are cultured pearls produced in the so-called Akoya oyster (lat. Pinctada fucata martensii and Pinctada fucata chemnitzii). Main producers are Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea and Australia. This mollusk is found and used mainly in Japan and China. Renowned for their luster is considered as the classic Akoya pearl. They are white or cream coloured with the harmonic frequency colour of pink, silver or cream.

The Akoya oyster is the smallest pearl producing oyster used in pearl farming today, so Akoya pearls tend to be small, about 2 to 11 millimeters, but is also known to be the most consistent round or almost round beads. This makes them ideal as regards the smoothness of the pearl jewellry strings which e.g. bracelets.


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