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Classic Tribal design

The most classic necklace design must be the Tribal style - beads with a pendant. Avaiable i five colours of mixed gemstones: Clear sand-blue banded Agate with Amazonite and Akvamarin beads, black-and-blue Agate with blue Agat and black Onyx, yellow-brown banded Agate with Lemon Jade beads, Carnelian pendant and beads, purple Agate with Alexandrite and Amethyst beads.


Lenght: 50-55 cm or preferred


In stock:  1 of each

Price: USD 29.95



Alexandrite is a chrysoberyl which is an aluminate of beryllium and belongs to the Spinel group and is situated on 8.5 on the Mohs scale. Alexandrite is a strongly pleochroic (trichroic) crystal and emerald green, red and orange yellow colours in partially polarized light, depending on the display orientation. The most distinctive feature is that it changes the colour in artificial light compared to daylight. It is a physiological response of the human eye in a particular part of the visible spectrum.
According to a popular story Alexandrite was discovered by the Finnish mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld (1792-1866) who gave the stone the name to honor Tsar Alexander II of Russia.
Deposits are found in Russia, Brazil, India, Madagascar and Sri Lanka.
Alexandrite is said to have healing properties for the pancreas, spleen and nerv system and to be useful in the treatment of leukemia. It also supposed to balance the wearer's emotional state and intensify feelings of love.
Alexandrite will also increase the wearer's confidence, self-esteem, success and happiness.


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