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Iolite - The Viking Compass

A mythical clear to dark lilac-blue gemstone with very excellent reflexion of light. It have been called both Water Sapphire and Viking Compass, and has been loved by man over centuries. Not so common jewellry stone nowadays, wich is a pity. It is really a jewell...


Size: 9x7 mm

Clarity: --

Origin: Afrika

In stock:  3 oval, 2 drop


Prisce: USD 11.60 a piece

Iolite (mineralogical Cordierite) is a magnesium-iron-aluminum cyclosilicate. It usually occurs in the metamorphosis of argillaceous rocks and is particularly common in the metamorphosis of peliticstenar. Iolite also occurs in certain granites, pegmatite and norites, eg in Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall. As the transparent variety iolite, it is often used as a gemstone. The name "iolite" comes from the Greek word for violet. Another old name is dichroite, a Greek word that means "two-coloured stone," a reference to its strong pleochroism. It has also been called "water sapphire" and "Viking compass" because of its usefulness to determine the direction of the sun on cloudy days that made the Vikings used it for navigation. Another name for the blue iolite is Steinheilite, after the Russian military governor in Finland, Fabian Steinheil, who observed that it was not a quarter.

Iolitens colour varies from sapphire blue and blue-violet to yellowish gray to light blue depending on the lighting angle. Sometimes Iolite is used as a cheaper substitute for sapphire, but it is much softer than sapphires. Iolite occurs mainly in India, Sri Lanka, Mozambique and Brazil, but deposits are also found in Australia, Burma, Canada, Madagascar, Namibia, Tanzania and the United States.

Iolite is a spiritual rock that gives insight, confidence and awareness of what's under the surface. It helps you to get in touch with your inner self when you want to progress. Good against headaches, temples pain and neck problems. It cures sore throat, varicose veins and various skin rashes and blisters.

IF Internally Flawless No Inclusions Visible Even With 10x Magnification.
VVS Very-Very Slightly Included Minute Inclusions Not Visible To Eye.
VSI Very Slight Inclusions Slight Inclusions Visible To Eye.
SI 1-2 Slight Inclusions: Some Inclusions Visible.
I 1-3 Included Many Inclusions Visible. 807163324





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