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Bright green Crome Dioside

Small faceted Crome Diopside suitable for earrings or group mount.  A really cool gemstone who attracts attention although its small.


Size: 5x5

Clarity: VVI-SI1

Origin: Ryssland

In stock:  4


Price: USD 9.25 a piece

Diopside is a monoclinic pyroxene mineral that forms complete solid solution series with hedenbergite and augite. The colour varies but is usually green. It has a Mohs hardness of six. Diopside is found in ultramafic igneous rocks, and in a variety of metamorphic rocks. It is an important mineral in the Earth's mantle. Occurrences are reported in Canada, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, and a wide variety of other locations, like in the US. Gemstone quality diopside is found in two forms: the black star diopside (a.k.a Cats Eye) and the  chrome diopside, who has a rich green colour; (Due to the deep green nature of the gem they are sometimes referred to as Siberian emeralds). Violane is a manganese-rich variety of diopside, violet to light blue in colour. Diopside based ceramics and glass-ceramics have potential applications in various technological areas as in the field of biomaterials, nuclear waste immobilization and sealing materials in solid oxide fuel cells.
Diopside is said to cleanse the body and makes it easier to induce emotions. It strengthens the intellect to collaborate, and gives a greater mental insight.

IF Internally Flawless No Inclusions Visible Even With 10x Magnification.
VVS Very-Very Slightly Included Minute Inclusions Not Visible To Eye.
VSI Very Slight Inclusions Slight Inclusions Visible To Eye.
SI 1-2 Slight Inclusions: Some Inclusions Visible.
I 1-3 Included Many Inclusions Visible. 807163324





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