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Gorgeous Orthoclase

Even though Orthoclase is common all over the world, the resources or gemquality stones is very limited. Imagine how fortunate I felt when I acquired this fabulous, and somewhat large gemstone.


Size: 7,50x5,38x3,84 mm

Clarity: VVS

Origin: Earth-Mined, Brasilien

In stock:  1


Price: USD 24.30

Orthoclase is an important tectosilicate mineral which forms igneous rock. It is a common constituent of most granites and other felsic igneous rocks and often forms huge crystals and masses in pegmatite. Typically, the pure potassium endmember of orthoclase forms a solid solution with albite, of plagioclase. While slowly cooling within the earth, sodium-rich albite lamellae form by exsolution, enriching the remaining orthoclase with potassium. The resulting intergrowth of the two feldspars is called perthite.Together with the other potassium feldspars, orthoclase is a common raw material for the manufacture of some glasses and some ceramics such as porcelain, and as a constituent of scouring powder.

Some intergrowths of orthoclase and albite have an attractive pale luster and are called moonstone when used in jewellery. Most moonstones are translucent and white, although grey and peach-coloured varieties also occur. In gemology, their luster is called adularescence and is typically described as creamy or silvery white with a "billowy" quality. It is the state gem of Florida. Orthoclase is one of the ten defining minerals of the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

NASA's Curiosity Rover discovery of high levels of orthoclase in Martian sandstones suggested that some Martian rocks may have experienced complex geological processing, such as repeated melting.

IF Internally Flawless No Inclusions Visible Even With 10x Magnification.
VVS Very-Very Slightly Included Minute Inclusions Not Visible To Eye.
VSI Very Slight Inclusions Slight Inclusions Visible To Eye.
SI 1-2 Slight Inclusions: Some Inclusions Visible.
I 1-3 Included Many Inclusions Visible. 807163324





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