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In the 80s you could buy Amber for praktically nothing but if it was genuine or manmade, well who knows. Then when the Baltic countries and Poland joined the EU, Amber became very costly and hardly worth the cost. Now though, the prizes are coming down, and of course we went for it and can now present a pretty good selection.


Size: cushion 14x10mm, 9x7mm; oval 14x10, 16x11x5mm;

        square cushion 12x12mm

Origin: Baltics, Africa

In stock:  3 oval, 4 oblong cushion, 2 square cushion


Pris:  80,00 - 150,00 SEK


Amber is fossilized tree resin, mainly from the pine tree family (Pinus succinifera). I occurs as lumps or drops and may contain fossils from plants or insects, wich increase the price. The color is usually yellow, brown or reddish, shiny and translucent or nearly transparent. Colours like black, green, violet, milky white or blue-black may also occur. If burned, Amber gives a pleasant aromatic pine scent. In its natural form, Amber is often matte due to numerous tiny blisters or cracks, but the quality can be improved by cooking it in oil and artifical colouring. This is a quite common procedur. Less usuable small pieces can be pressed together to form larger, more sellable pieces. Amber was early appreciated in Europe and have been collected and used since the Stone Age. Amber occurs in almost all of northern and central Europe, but also in materials including Spain, Italy, Romania, Japan and Myanmar. The finest Amber is found in the south Baltic Sea, where the resin is succinit. It is so light weighted that waves throw Amber pieces from the ocean floor up on to the shore. Amber is very soft, with a hardness of 2 to 3 it can easly be processed. It is regarded as a gemstone and used in ornaments and jewellry. To be consider as genuine it must be at  least 20 miljon years old.

Jewellry made of Amber was considered to protect against witchcraft and evil forces.  Its was also said to have positive effect against all sort of diseases as gout, hysteria and stomach pain. Lately it has become popular in dog collars as protection against tics, wich actually works, perhaps due to Amber having an electrical charge.




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