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Peanut Wood

Peanut Wood is the name of this fantastic fossil stone of petrified wood with a peanutlike light pattern origniating from tiny oyster borings. Its an unusual gemstone with a unusual history. Mineralogically its a fossil and is mostly found around Australia,


Size: aprx 21x24


In stock:  1


Origin: Not stated (India)



Prize:  135,00 SEK

Peanut Wood began its life as a conifer tree on land in the area known as Western Australia. When these trees died, rivers carried them into the shallow, salty epicontinentalsea that covered much of the Australian continent. They arrived at the sea as a piece of driftwood. This was during the Cretaceonus time period, when the species of the marine clam that loved to eat wood lived in the Australian sea. The clam laveae were able to smell nearby wood and swim to it. When they arrived at a pice of driftwood, they would attach themselves to it and they used the sharp edges of their shell as a rasp. They shaved of tiny particles of wood wich they would promptly eat. In a few weeks they could excavate a deep tunnel into the soft, mushy wood. Back to the Cretaceous seafloorm where the waterlogged wood that has been heavily drillled is resting. Billions of tiny radiolarians are living in the water abouve the wood. When they die, their tiny siliceous shells sink to the bottom and accumulate as a white sediment known as radiolarian ooze. Layer of layer accumulated over the wood, enered the bore holes, and some dissolved to a form of super-saturated silica solution. This dissolved silica precipitated in the cavities of the wood and replaced the waterlogged wood into a fossil. Today if a piece of this wood is broken, the petrified wood is brow-to-black in colour. Contrasting with the wood is the radiolarian ooze that penitrated the boreholes and appear on the surface in the shape of a peanut.

The Peanut Wood helps you keep your feet on the ground.


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