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Rainbow Calsilica

True or false? The Rainbow Calsilica have caused discussions; Is it a genuin mineral or is it man made? Seriously, who cares when it is this gorgeous. Personly I don't belive its completely natural but a fluke, presenting a smooth drop shaped and a square cushion.


Size: drop 21x30; square 14x14 mm

In stock:  1 of each

Origin: Africa


Price:  Drop USD 10.00, square USD 8.40


Rainbow Calsilica is popular by jewellry designers all over the world. But it is also controversial, and the opionions are diveded; One side claims to have ensured that it is a genuine stone, a mineral and not artificial. Although, scientists have demonstrated the veils of colour are similar to various commercial pigments. The theory holds that Calsilica was formed on its own without the imposition of hands, when by-products from the tile manufacturing leaked out in to the ground and formed deposits in underground cavities. These deposits have since been discovered by chance and misinterpreted as a work of nature; The other side that argues that Calsilica is a genuine mineral and can prove it with mines in Mexico, where the mineral it is found. Regardless of these two teories, it is a wonderful and beautiful material with great rock feel which suits most designs. Sellers of precious and semi-precious stone have lately (2015) begun to mark Calsilican as man-made. Nevertheless, we can enjoy the beauty and colours.






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