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Rutile Quartz

Two god represenatives for Rutile Quartz, with black rutiles and often calld Black rutile quartz. While the Golden Rutile quartz is preferred with as many inclusions as possible, the Black rutile quartz should have only a few but more apparent. I share that opinion. Both these are so called cushions.


Size: ca 20x25x8; 22x28x8 mm

In stock:  1 aof each

Origin: Brasil


Price:  USD 10.00


Rutile quartz is a mineral in the quartz family. It has enclosed rutiles which approximately looks like blonde hairs. This has given that there are many stories of how some goddess hair has been captured in stone. Venus is an example of such a goddess, and because it is a love goddess hair encased, the story gives that the stone has the sensual qualities of the person wearing it.

Quartz is considered to bring the wearer strength and health.






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