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Golden Rutile Quartz

Over the years, the Golden Rutile Quartzs popularity has gone both up and down. When I started to buy gemstones a couple of years ago you could get them to quit resonable prices. Today, the prices for a clear quartz with distinct rutils - and even of poor quality- is very high. This cabochon is fairly clear and the 'goddess hair' quite distinct, a quality gemstone.


Size: 16x36x6,5 mm

In stock  1

Origin: Brazil


Price:  USD 12.30

Rutile quartz is a mineral in the quartz family. It has enclosed rutiles which approximately looks like blonde hairs. This has given that there are many stories of how some goddess hair has been captured in stone. Venus is an example of such a goddess, and because it is a love goddess hair encased, the story gives that the stone has the sensual qualities of the person wearing it.

Quartz is considered to bring the wearer strength and health.






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