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Moss Opal? More like Moss Agat

Three transparent gemstones with very distinct inclusions, sold as Moss Opal but I'm quite sure that this is excellent Moss Agates. Dendite Opals is usually not clear and transparent but white, greyish wite or yellow and opaque. However, clearly we have three gorgeous gemstones with formidable patterns - and all three match (the smaller ones is sold in a pair). All three are not so heavy and a bit thinner so why not buy them all and make a jewellry set - necklace and earrings? (All three have the same colour althoug they turned out different in the pictures. The large one is the same clearer green as the smaller ones.)


Size: large 40x23x4,3, smaller 23x14,5x3,5 mm

In stock:  1 large, 2 smaller

Origin: Africa


Price:  USD 8.40/large; 13.40/smaller pair


Dendrite is used as the name of precious and semi-precious stones with visible patterns caused by geological processes rather than biological. Dendritic stones can be easily mistaken for fossils and dendrites is also called pseudofossil. The patterns often resemble biological materials such as moss or leaves but occur by other minerals penetrates up through the mineral (percolating) as fissures.

Opals with these patterns is called Dendrite Opal while dendrite Agate is called


Moss Agate.The Moss Agat is the most enchanting of all agats. The inclusions awakes the magic wood of the bedtime story. The inclusions are made of green minerals,mostly formations of mangan or iron oxide. It is found in many locations. In Montana; US, there is a red-black Moss Agat found in the sedimentary growel from Yellowstone River and its tributaries between Sidney and Billings. This Agat is the result of vulcanic activity in the Yellowstone National Park area and the red inclusions are iron oxid while the black is made of mangan oxide.

The Moss Agat gives you self worth. It eliminates stress and worries and thereby finish and completes work tasks.






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