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Yellow Dendrite Opal

Two gorgeous Dendrite Opals, one cushion and on oval shapedl. The cushion is yellow-beige with a inklusion that looks like a bush cooming out of the corner. The oval one i sunny yellow with classic inclusion spreaded over the cab.


Size:: cushion 24x31x5,5, oval 31,5x24,8x7,5 mm


Origin: Africa


In stock:  1 of each


Price:    USD 11.20/cushion,  8.40/oval



Dendrite is used as the name of precious and semi-precious stones with visible patterns caused by geological processes rather than biological. Dendritic stones can be easily mistaken for fossils and dendrites is also called pseudofossil. The patterns often resemble biological materials such as moss or leaves but occur by other minerals penetrates up through the mineral (percolating) as fissures.

Opals with these patterns is called Dendrite Opal while dendrite Agate is called Moss Agate.




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