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Opalite - Tiffany stone

A classic jewellry gemstone, sometimes misstaken for Moonstone and sometimes called Sri Lanka Moonstone. It is beautyful in its simplicity, and goes with anything since it absorbs and reflects colours around it. Colours from almost transparent clear to milky white.


Size: 15x20 mm


In stock:  ca 5


Price:   USD 5.00 a piece

Opalite, (a.k.a Tiffany Stone, opal glass, opalized fluorite) is the commonly used name of impure varieties of opal in varying colours. A purple, lavender or white stone, sometimes with spots of purple, yellow-brown and black that makes a sensational light output at the faceting. Found in Bertrandite mined mainly in Utah, USA. It consists mainly of dolomite, opalized fluorite but often with minerals such as quartz and chalcedony. The name Tiffany Stone probably direves from the venerable jeweler with the same name, who used it in some of their designs.

It is also used as a trade name for synthetic opalised glass and various opal simulants.




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