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An Apidot garden

This gorgeous, fantasy tickling gemstone is called Apidot, and is not a common gemstone. this one is best suitable in a pendant or a brooch.


Size: 23X32X05 mm


Origin: Africa


In stock:  1


Price:   USD  15.55


We havent been able to find any property description for Apidot anywhere. But due to its apperance we can draw the conclusion that it is formed in magmatic rocks where inclusions is common. It have som simularities with Eudialythe, a cyclosilicate mineral, but also in some parts with Ruby Zoisite from Tanzania - an anyolite of green Zoisite with black tschermakite and Ruby chrystals. If you have som facts about Apidot we would be very thankfull for any information you could provide.  




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