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Glittering Golden Sandstone

The Golden Sandstone is often misstaken for a real gemstone. But as a matter of fact, its a type of glittering glass  manufactured in a low-oxygen atmosphere.


Size: 18x13x6 mm


In stock:  9


Price:    USD 4.50


Golden Sandstone, Goldstone or Sun Sitara, is often mistaken for a gemstone but it’s actually a form of glittering glass manufactured in a low-oxygen atmosphere. It tolerates a smooth polish and can be used for carved beads and figurines, that reflectes in the pricing. The original production process was invented in the 1700s Venice by the family Miotti, a process that was granted an exclusive license from the Doge. Persistent rumors claimes that gold stone was the result of an accident when the family tested combinations for the manufacture of glass, and sometimes that it was first made by monks. The most common colour is reddish brown but also blue, green or black are present, with small crystals of copper that gives the stone its shimmer.

Nevertheless, it is considered to be a 'Master Healer' that stabilize emotions and help you to remain calm. It is used as an energy source, reflects unwanted energies and reminds us to set high goals and achieving them. It is also considered to increase blood flow.




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